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Byron Wall

Avid programmer and chemical engineer in Denver, CO

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Java Project, Spring RTS AI

Java is the first language I learned, and I have come back to it recently to build an AI for the Spring RTS platform.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript Projects

This is a rough summary of the various web based projects that I have completed over the years. I have a passion for trying out whatever new technology is o...

Kaggle and R Projects

I have competed in a couple of Kaggle contests in order to learn R and work on real world data sets. I entered both the Telemetry challenge and also the Ott...


runnDAILY was a website that mapped and traced outdoor fitness activities. I created it with Chandler Wall back when we were at Purdue. At the time we were...

C# Projects

I have used C# to solve small and interesting problems, general utility helpers at work, and a handful of more serious programs.

Excel and VBA Projects, bUTL

Excel and VBA are an area that I know and love. When you’re working as an engineer, nearly everything goes through Excel. Being able to automate those task...