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Java is the first language I learned, and I have come back to it recently to build an AI for the Spring RTS platform.

Spring RTS AI

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I grew up loving to play Total Annihilation and was always awed at how people created AIs for RTS games. When I noticed Spring, my first thought was: when will I extend this to create my own AI.

I finally took the plunge several months ago, reading a book on AI and relearning enough Java to put together a working AI. The AI will play a game, but it’s not particularly effective… yet (isn’t that the pitch for every side project AI?).

Current features of the AI include:

  • Good plumping to allow for timed events and behind the scenes of updating internal models.
  • Decent understanding of the tech ladder for Balanced Annihilation which ensures a progression to more advanced units

What’s left to be done:

  • Everything else?
  • Improve the task selection scheme so that different goals are given correct weights
  • Improve the location related tasks, specifically where to group, attack, and build new structures
  • Improve the context awareness of the AI, allowing it to rethink an action if attacked or help out a buddy if they are attacked
  • Get beat by it… that’s the real goal: make an AI I actually want to play against