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Avid programmer and chemical engineer in Indianapolis, IN

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Profiling Excel VBA

If you find yourself wanting to profile VBA code from Excel, your options are limited. There are currently some approaches out there, but none are truly as easy as you want. The main problem is simple enough: VBA does not provide the n...
March 2018

Commute viewer

I created a tool to help visualize the range of commute times. I will soon be moving to Indianapolis for a new job and wanted to know possible commute times from different areas of town. Google Maps does a decent job of providing this in...
October 2017

Fighting to get Halite running on an EC2 instance

I have been looking for an excuse to finally try out EC2. I figured while testing Halite bots, I may as well let some poor computer in the cloud deal with the CPU cycles instead of the MBP on my lap. Several hours later and I’ve got bo...
December 2016

convert SVN to GitHub on an old, dead repo

The recent goal has been to move as much source code over to GitHub as possible. For more recent code, I was using Git anyways, so it was simple. For older code, I was previously using Subversion with locally hosted repos. It’s been y...
July 2015

Setting up this blog

This post contains a little bit of info about how I got this Jekyll blog setup. It’s your standard first post…
May 2015